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General Archi Discussion / Re: New specialization plugin
« Last post by Hervé on April 22, 2018, 10:16:31 AM »
Hi Phil,

Thanks for pointing me out this change. I definitely will.

Best regards
General Archi Discussion / Re: New specialization plugin
« Last post by Phil Beauvoir on April 21, 2018, 18:53:56 PM »

have you considered adding support for the new multi-selection Property Sections?

This allows the Property Sections to edit more than one item. The code was changed here:

I don't think it would be too hard to change, but ask if you have any questions.


This document if not freely accessible. It seems visible only by people working on the BIAN.

I know for sure that there are some cross-work in progress inside the Open Group ArchiMate Forum (which I'm the Chair of) to map parts of BIAN to ArchiMate, but there are some Intellectual Property related to BIAN that makes this available only its members.


General Archi Discussion / Re: Support to user defined profiles
« Last post by Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie on April 20, 2018, 21:33:17 PM »

Language customization is not possible in Archi, but there are some ways to achieve something similar.

For profiles, you can use a naming convention that prefixes the "profile name" to your properties name. For example if you want a profile named "Cost" that contains two properties "build cost" and "run cost", then you can use the following properties: "Cost:Build cost" and "Cost:Run cost". By doing so it will then be easier to add needed properties in one go using the "New multiple..." feature of the properties's panel (see manual on page 65) as they will be listed by alphabetical order. Note that using the "Manage" feature (same page in the manual) you'll be able to rename them if needed in one operation. Of course if you later decide to add another property in the profile, you'll have to add it manually on all elements where the other properties appear. This can be done automatically, but you can use the search feature (see page 14 of the manual) to quickly find elements that already have the "profile" applied (ie. elements that have one of its properties).

For stereotypes, a first step can be done by simply adding a property named "Stereotype" (the value being the name of the stereotype). This allows you to quickly find elements that have this stereotype applied. If you want to associate a profile to this stereotype, then you'll have to add manually the properties as explained previously.

Of course, doing so manually can be time consuming, but another trick can help: pattern based modelling. In this case, instead of created full patterns, you simply create preconfigured "stereotypes" with all properties set. with this trick you will be able to quickly add a new elements.

You can also combine those tricks with the use of Herve's great plugins: Form and Specialization (which name is a bit confuising though as this is not ArchiMate specialization). The form plugin allows you create forms to set properties value in a simple and very effective way. The specialization plugin allows you to change label and icon of an element added to view. So you can, for example, set the label to a concatenation of the elemet name and the value of the Specialization property to achieve something like "ElementName <<StereotypeName>>".

Hope this help.


Archi Development / 4.2 Fixes Rendering Issues on High Resolution Screens
« Last post by yellek on April 20, 2018, 01:06:56 AM »
I just wanted to post and say thanks for the work on rendering on high resolution screens. My larger diagrams were losing vertical lines upon export in 4.1.0 and I can confirm that this issue is fixed on 4.2. Keep up the good work.
Share your Models, Templates and Reports / Re: BIAN Service Landscape
« Last post by on April 18, 2018, 21:07:49 PM »
Hi Phil Beauvoir,

BIAN concepts have been mapped to Archimate and TOGAF. This mapping is detailed in an Excel file on the Wiki at At the same location is a webcast that explains this mapping.

Best regards,
José Alfredo Guillén
General Archi Discussion / Re: List of organizations known to use Archi
« Last post by Phil Beauvoir on April 18, 2018, 20:27:27 PM »
Thank-you for the feedback José - we hope to improve Archi even more!

General Archi Discussion / Re: List of organizations known to use Archi
« Last post by on April 18, 2018, 20:24:16 PM »
Dear Archi Forum,

I work for a Bank in Venezuela, we have evaluated commercial software/tools to facilitate the incorporation of the practice of EA in the company.

The conclusion: There are very good tools, however, the implementation process is complex because they are more oriented to the tool than to the value that the practice of architecture can provide within the industry where it is or is intended to be implemented. Their licensing and implementation costs are very high and usually do not end up convincing the sponsors about the return on investment.

My recommendation: The focus of the architecture practice should be on the value it generates within the industry where it will be applied. Going to have a well governed repository, which allows to respond things of value to the business easily and within the reach of those interested. So that it allows them to advance to a new business result.

We evaluated Archi vs. The Essential Project and my recommendation was Archi, among the reasons is the noise generated by adding ontological themes to modeling. Being that our framework is based on TOGAF and this speaks in terms of Archimate. My recommendation was Archi.

What would we like to be incorporated in Archi?
Multi-user and collaborative facility. Which is in progress.
Extend the tool so that it covers the entire TOGAF architecture repository structure and the artifacts link to the model.
Incorporate a graph database to facilitate impact analysis at a greater depth level.

In my case we are doing a work to define/create the meta architecture (Phase A) that will start by modeling BIAN Landscape v6.0 (Phase A, B and C), Hybrid Cloud and dockerization (Phase D), DevOps (We are working on how).

Best regards,
José Alfredo Guillén
I have no objection really in principle, but look forward to JB's thoughts (he's busy at the moment in conference)
General Archi Discussion / Support to user defined profiles
« Last post by victorio on April 16, 2018, 23:12:08 PM »
I am new to Archi and have a doubt concerning the language extension mechanisms provided by the tool.

I would like to "extend" the language creating special kinds of the language constructs. For example, I would like to define "Department" as a special type of business actor defining also some attributes do it. I imagine I could do that by creating a stereotype/profile. Then, I could create a business actor and just apply to it the "Department" profile/stereotype and give values to the defined attributes.

After reading the user guide and searching some topics in this forum I didn't find a way to do that in Archi. Reading the ArchiMate 3.0 specification I realized it introduces the notion of profile in the Language Customization Mechanisms section. But, I could not find anything related to profile definitions in Archi.

Is it possible to define/use profiles in Archi? If not, is there some other way I could extend the language by defining "specializations" of the constructs?


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