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Title: Archi status bar is empty would be useful to show some data...
Post by: Manj75 on August 23, 2021, 15:50:50 PM
Hi Phil/JB,

Not sure if this has been thought of or even already on the roadmap, but when using Archi I often miss the following which would be a real benefit having native support:

The first is the most useful for me, remaining are nice to haves but can be configured on or off through the archi.ini file.

I know much of this can be done using a jArchi script, and there is an example statistics.ajs for the last three points, but I believe this would be better native such that as selections are made or nodes are added/removed in the model tree the status bar is immediately and dynamically updated, without having to find the script and executing it.

Example mock up is shown attached.

I can add as a feature issue if you think this is non-complex to implement and useful to improving the usablity.