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Last post by TEK - Today at 07:41:09 AM

I think I was hung-up on the "realises" connection. I really wanted the process to realize the result, and that was not possible, and then I got limited in my thinking.

Your suggesting on using the accesses, and then utilize the option to describe the access should work great. Thanks a lot for your help.
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Last post by jsimoncello - June 30, 2022, 10:00:16 AM

A colleague of mine had found a workaround : rename all htmls files to aspx and change all links accordingly from .html to .aspx (you can user Notepad++ to replace in multiple files), then upload everything to a Sharepoint Library.
We have an old Sharepoint version (2013), I do not know if it works on newer ones.


Quote from: Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie on June 17, 2022, 19:11:19 PMSo I have the deep conviction that it is possible in some ways, but still haven't find how.



Many thanks JB for having a look, I'll keep playing in this space with the SitePages library and see what damage I can do. Happy to provide an 'Enterprise' SharePoint test area to try anything you want.

General Archi Discussion / Re: HTML reports and Sharepoin...
Last post by David.Low - June 30, 2022, 06:35:54 AM
Quote from: ChampagnePerry on June 17, 2022, 11:07:12 AMAt first I tried writing a script to load all the scripts with a "corrected" path, which was taking me ages and prone to error.

This morning I had a much simpler idea, rewrite the pathname as the page loads.
After a bit of experimentation I found I only needed to change the SharePoint site name portion of the path so I added the following code to the top of the <head> tag in index.html.

      var searchStr="/BS-SS-Data%20and%20Insight%20-%20Documents/";
      var replaceStr="/BS-SS-~1/";


Now it works perfectly (well for me) hope this helps.

This seems very close to what I see but I can't find the path and what they should be. Can you provide any more details/examples?



In your example, the basic idea is to have one Business Process (Baking bread) and two Business Objects (Flour and Bread). Your Business Process accesses both Business Objects with one nuance: it has a "read" access relationship with Flour and a "write" access relationship with Bread.


General Archi Discussion / Modeling process input/output
Last post by TEK - June 29, 2022, 08:52:29 AM

I'm having a issue that I do not quite understnad why I'm having as it is so basic that it should not be a issue at all. However, it is and I really would appricate some input.

I want to model a process. The process has input and it produces a resultat (output).
This is from the archimate 3.1 specification:
"A business process represents a sequence of business behaviors that achieves a specific result such as a defined set of products or business services."

Lets say this example:
I have a process, "Baking bread".
To perform the process I need flour, so flour is input to the process. The process produces bred, so Bred is output from the process.

My issue is that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to actually model this simple process with one input and one output.
Could anyone share how they would do it?

Process: Baking bread
Input: Flour
Output: Bread
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Last post by gwaters22 - June 27, 2022, 15:46:32 PM
Has anyone looked and tried using the generating-sql-queries-for-the-archi-database script from gevaertw?
It's a very cool idea.

It looks like the script only works for the objects used in the example. I started Adding more elements to test this it appears the script would stop working when additional elements are added. Am I missing something here to use the script to generate queries across any of the mapped Archi elements?
Archi Development / Re: Copy as image to clipboard...
Last post by Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie - June 23, 2022, 07:08:17 AM

In fact you can already: export your view as SVG and there will be no background.


Archi Development / Re: Copy as image to clipboard...
Last post by Phil Beauvoir - June 22, 2022, 11:00:09 AM
Unfortunately, no. I did investigate this, but for technical reasons, couldn't find a way to do it. The background layers are opaque.
Archi Development / Copy as image to clipboard => ...
Last post by qrt - June 22, 2022, 10:55:38 AM
Is it possible to have a settings that makes the copy to clipboard and/or export to PDF to support transparant background?