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Started by ken.garvey, March 16, 2015, 10:01:50 AM

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Firstly, thank you Phil for a wonderful modelling tool.  Playing with relationships in Archi has helped me formulate my thoughts about modelling the Technology layer.

I have one (very minor) irritation when modelling, for example, a database cluster - I have a clustered Node which I can show as a 3-D block without a symbol or a 2D rectangle with a node symbol.  It is then composed of a number of Devices which I can show as a 3-D block with a symbol or a 2D computer without a symbol.  I know the node symbol IS a 3-D cube but I'd prefer to be able to represent both as 2-D rectangles with symbols OR less desirably both as 3-D shapes.

There are other inconsistencies with the Technology layer shapes representation, some get a choice of figure, some don't, some change in shape depending on the length of name.

In summary, if I wish to edit the Figure property of Elements, how should I go about it and is there a resource giving guidance?

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Ken,

the figures are in accordance to those in the ArchiMate spec. They're hard coded in, with no way to change them other than to change the code. If the figures were different would it be a recognisable ArchiMate diagram?

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