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Started by Maaku2000, June 01, 2021, 17:24:55 PM

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I'd like to automate saving a model as a template so that I could keep a template up to date with changes from a reference list of apps.

I haven't been able to find how to programmatically save a model file as a template.  Is that possible with jArchi or some other CLI command?



Phil Beauvoir

Hi Mark,

there's no way to do this either with the CLI or with jArchi, I'm afraid. The code would have to be greatly refactored to support this, so won't be implemented right now.

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Well, that's disappointing. :-X

Thanks for the prompt reply, though.


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Depending on your exact need, you might also decide not to use templates but instead have a model that you import in empty models. That's one more step but this might have the advantage (depending on your use-case) to make it possible to later merge all models and have your reference list of app to be unique and not duplicated (creating a model from a template change ids of each concepts while importing a model keeps ids intact).

Another option is to create the template yourself in jArchi. If you create one an look at it, you'll see that its a zip file containing the model, (optional) thumbnails, and a manifest file.


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