Object Metadata ?

Started by johmut, August 18, 2021, 10:00:24 AM

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coArchi enables collaboration. Change History shows overall model commits by users.
How to know which objects have been created, updated by which user and when ?


Phil Beauvoir


sorry but coArchi does not support that level of change history as it uses git for commits.

Perhaps users have a way of dealing with this via some other means, so I'll throw this over to the Archi community...
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Thank you Phil. Love to hear how the Archi community manage this.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


There's no quick and easy solution for this. I sometime have to answer such questions myself and in this case I get the internal ID of the object (element, relationship or view) and find its associated XML file on the git repository, then I can get needed information through a git blame.

That's the kind of information I'd like to make available through coArchi, but don't expect it before we first find time to publish the major rewrite of coArchi itself (we call it coArchi 2), so maybe late next year.


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Thanks JB. Workaround is fine for now.