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Started by Hervé, April 15, 2016, 14:37:31 PM

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Hi Gilles,

I exported and imported several times in shared mode few models that I use for my tests, one of them having more that 83.000 elements and relationships (thanks again Peter (Prgee)  ;))

and I cannot reproduce the error message.

Is your model confidential or can you send it to me by email ?

Best regards


This post is just to provide an update on the testing made with Gilles on the "shared" mode :

Some history : by design, Archi models are impervious : it is not possible to reference an element from a model into another one. But it would ease my life if I could create a model with standard and common components and reference them in other models.

Thant's the reason why I introduced the "shared" mode in the database plugin that allows to import several models into a common container model. To acheive that, it creates one sub-folder per imported model in every category folder (Strategy, Business, Application, ...) and then store the components into their model's subfolder.

Unfortunately, when a new element or a new relationship is created, it is by default created in the root of the category folders. I haven't (yet) found a way to automatically move the elements in the proper sub-folder.

This means, that prior to export back the models inside the database, the elements should be moved in the proper sub-folder.

Of couse, I'm working on finding a way to automate this move but until then, one should move manually the elements (thing that I was doing because I knew this limitation but that Gille was not doing because this is not documented ... my bad). Not doing this move results in "orphans" elements that failed to be imported afterwards  :(

Here is a small screen capture to help understand the sub-folders ...

Best regards