Showing the model tree path location of a view in the Note element on that view

Started by Manj75, July 22, 2021, 10:25:04 AM

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Is there a way to show the full path of the View within that view itself in a Note element?

If I have a property for example 'Created By' = 'MyName' I can easily create a Note element in that view and display this value using the Labels tab.  I want to be able to similar to show the full path of the view.



In MyView I want a Note element that get populated with 'ModelName\Views\MyFolder'

Not sure if this is at all possible natively in Archi as using jArchi would alway require it to be run.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This is not possible as there is no label expression for that. That could be a good idea for a future version (and then please create an issue for that on GitHub so that we can track it).

In the meantime, the only way to do something similar would be to run a script that would compute this path and save it as a view property that you can later reference on a label.


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Thanks JB - I've created the issue [Feature Request] Access the model tree path location of a view using Labels #752

Using a jArchi script can achieve this but it would have to be run each time, it's better to have this natively supported


Have you considered using a "path" property on the folder?
If you had folders
you could add a property to the folder called "path" with the value "Data > Domains > Procurement" and use a note on the diagram with the label expression $vfolder{property:path}.

Or you could use structured folder names like
with the label expression $vfolder{name} but I think the first one is slightly more effort but better.