Does having images in Archi have an impact on performance?

Started by Manj75, July 23, 2021, 09:43:00 AM

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I was thinking that it would be useful to have some canvas diagrams that show UI wireframes using the image fill concept or any other image. I understand that these images are stored in a separate Images folder.

If using Archi with a GIT repo on GitHub/Azure DevOps does having many images in the model have a performance impact in Archi interacting with the local and remote GIT repo, when doing a commit/publish/refresh?

And more generally, are there any issues in the usage of Archi itself if an open model has many images, e.g. navigating the model tree or searching the model - can it cause slowdowns?

If the response I get is 'No' then I'll proceed with adding images as freely as I like without concern, however if people have experienced issues I'd rather not put images at the cost of slower experience.

Phil Beauvoir

As long as images are not too big and too many, performance should not be impacted too much. Using images in a model does of course mean they take slightly longer to save and open. But I think as long as image use is reasonable, this won't be too bad.
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