Explicit and implicit connection between business data and application data

Started by Klepikov, April 06, 2015, 11:06:39 AM

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Dear All

At the moment I am in business analysis of as-is in a BPM project.
I face situation when there is a loan deal data specified in a contract. Deals are booked by operations into related application, however there is no explicit link between contract data and application deal data.

What I mean - there is no key ID by which you always can say which deal in application relates to which business deal. People connect them using their intuition due to absence of unique ID for business and application deal items. For example if loan is rebooked in the application there are two system deals which are not connected to each other and of course to a real contract id.

While modeling I can not say that business data object and application data object are not connected at all. They are connected logically (explicitly), but in terms of architecture these objects are fragmented.

This definitely should be indicated in the architecture slide with development to implement key reference attribute to link items it two mentioned data objects.

I understand that Cross-Layer dependency for data objects between business and application is indicated via Realised by relationship but it does not say whether existing relationship can help me to trace from application data item to corresponding business data item. Could you please advise where to read this or existing practice?

Thanks a lot