Archi 4.9 and C4 notation

Started by UlfW, August 07, 2021, 14:37:47 PM

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Many thanks for a new interesting release !

Given that the release of 4.9 is getting closer, what is now the simplest way to create a model in Archimatetool using C4 as notation?

Ie similar to :

    Person can be mapped to Business Actor
    Software System and Container can be mapped to Application Component
    Component can be mapped to Application Function
    Code Element is maybe too fine-grained to be useful in ArchiMate, but could be also mapped to Application Function
    Relationship can be mapped to Triggering Relationship (convention is that the triggers goes from the caller to the callee)

What I am after is :
1) When presenting for Management I have found the C4-notation simpler to communicate than Archimate at least for some high level views.
2) Keep this as a model with real Archimate-relationsships and the possibility to show the model as Archimate.

Can this be done with the new Specialization-feature in 4.9 and in that case how ?

Ulf Westermark