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Started by chrisbreider, March 20, 2015, 10:06:04 AM

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I recently installed the beta version of Archi 3.2. The HTML report option has strongly improved. Thnx for that! Would be nice however tot have a zoom option for views in het HTML report (especially for larger views in HTML reporting).

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


I'm happy that this new/refactored HTML report suits you ;-)

Would be nice however tot have a zoom option

I agree, this would be great. I have it on my (already rather long) todo list. For the moment, best option is to shrink lateral panel or open image in a new browser tab/window. You may also find some browser plugins to add zoom features on images.


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I'm not sure about Chrome or IE but with Firefox you can simply right-click on the diagram and select the "View Image" option to open it up in a seperate window that is "zoomable". It also works well to set the "full screen" option so you get a nice clean view of the model pages.