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Started by HansBosma, August 11, 2021, 09:24:46 AM

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Is it possible to add a menu option: 'Open Recent View'? Or is that functionality already available?

Often I am in a position that I further work on a specific view and have to look that view up in the Model Browser. It would be handy to have an 'open recent view' menu option.

Phil Beauvoir

What do other Archi users think about its usefulness, or not? Or perhaps think of it differently, something like bookmarks or favourites. Or you could create a super View containing links to other Views, like the "Map" in cheatsheets.
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IMHO the hierarchy of views is usually sufficient when it is organized with folders and subfolders to retrieve quickly the searched view
In some cases, adding interesting related view refs (diagram-model-reference) to a view allows to navigate quickly to related meaningful views (your "Map" referenced below)
Also the Lightbox addon is nice in conjonction with views folders

So in summary nice but minor value (for myself)