How to display relationship details between elements

Started by gwaters22, August 26, 2021, 16:45:00 PM

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When I connect 1 element to the other say with realize connector. How would I display on the model the default relationship details that show when I hover over the line?

I want those default relationship details to show so my newbie user can understand the relationship created between elements

I did not find anything useful on this site to use.

Thanks in advance.

Phil Beauvoir

Well, looking at, I figured out the following expression for a Flow relationship:

Type: ${type}
$source{name} flows to $target{name}

And here's another example for an Access relationship:

Type: ${type}
$source{name} accesses $target{name}
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That worked as manual work around, I appreciate that. 

Phil, Is there another way for the relations be automatically derived to match what will be displayed when I hoover my mouse over the relation link?


This label option almost work to show the default derived relation description:

Type: ${type}
$source{name} ${type} $target{name}