coArchi 0.8.0 CLI plugin not loading with Archi 4.9.0 on Linux

Started by davidMbrooke, October 21, 2021, 15:51:45 PM

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I'm seeing an issue with Archi 4.9.0 and coArchi 0.8.0 when using the Archi Command Line mode to read a Model and generate an HTML Report (Linux variant of Archi on Ubuntu 20.04.3).

I'm following the exact same procedure as for Archi 4.8.1 with coArchi 0.7.1 and that works perfectly.

The underlying problem seems to be that the coArchi plugin isn't loading, despite me unzipping the .archiplugin file in the /opt/Archi/plugins/ directory, such that I see the org.archicontribs.modelrepository files alongside all the other .jar files in that directory:
The file permissions look OK and when I inspect the contents of the .jar files with 'unzip' the contents closely match the same files for coArchi 0.7.1.

When I specify the --help argument, I'm not seeing " [Load & Clone Collaboration Model] " under "Registered providers:" (running 4.9.0) - which presumably explains why  --modelrepository.loadModel  does nothing.

Is there anything different / extra I need to do when installing the coArchi plugin on Linux with Archi 4.9.0?

Phil Beauvoir

What do you see when you select Help -> Manage Plug-ins...

Also, don't put the jars in the root "plugins" directory. Create a root "dropins" directory and put them there or install via the Plugins Manager.
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Thanks Phil.

I'm running the report generation "headless" via Docker so there's no easy way to inspect via a GUI.

Installing on a different Linux machine, with a screen, and using Help > Manage Plug-ins I can see it loads the Plug-in .jar files into $HOME/.archi4/dropins/

Now I've unzipped the .archiplugin file in that same location on my "headless" machine it's working fine.

All good; thanks again.