Options to represent Middleware systems in a model

Started by gwaters22, October 25, 2021, 18:24:16 PM

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Hi All,
I would like to know other options to represent a Middleware system like BizTalk in my Application to Application mapping /modeling.  I have 4 Applications.
Application A & C send some data to BizTalk
---->BizTalk does something to the data so that other apps can consume the data.  I am not modeling the how to functions ...I leave that as a black box.
Applications B & D receive data from BizTalk

Here is what I did. Any thoughts and options I could use to improve this model?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


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If I may, I'm going to plug Eero Hosiaisluoma's Archimate Cookbook.  He has a whole section dedicated to modeling application integrations that would be helpful.