Archi.exe Signature Invalid

Started by ostkrokens, November 01, 2021, 08:10:11 AM

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Version 4.9.1

The signature of Archi.exe is invalid.

Can you please update and verify? Thanks.

Phil Beauvoir


what do you mean by "invalid" and what signature?

Perhaps you could provide some detail about your issue that we could act on...
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Thanks for your reply.

Once the application is installed under $ProgramFiles - the Archi.Exe executable signature is not valid

Please let me know if you need further information

Phil Beauvoir

The "Archi.exe" file is generated from a base "eclipse.exe" file signed by the Eclipse Foundation. The Archi icon is embedded into it so, yes, the digital signature will no longer be valid. This has been the case since Archi 4.6. In fact, Archi is not the only app with an exe file of this format, download this app and you'll see the same digital signature and "invalid" message.

Here are your options:

  • Build your own binaries from the source and provide your own digital signature. See
  • Copy the "eclipse.exe" file from a Windows Eclipse distribution, rename it to "Archi.exe" and replace the existing one
  • Use the Windows "signtool" application to remove the signature using this command: "signtool remove /s Archi.exe" (in fact I will do this for future versions of Archi)
  • Do nothing and just enjoy the fact that Archi is free and open source software that works just fine regardless of this

More information:
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