Started by Hervé, September 24, 2021, 22:29:32 PM

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Hi Phil, JB,

Very nice 4.9 version ... Very qualitative, as usual and a lot of improvements !

Small question though ... Concepts now have got a getProfiles() method that return an EList<IProfile> and a getPrimaryProfile() method.

But I understood that they could only have one specialization (thus profile) ... so why an EList ? Am I wrong ?


Phil Beauvoir

Hi Hervé,

thanks for your comments!

At the moment we have simplified things so that a concept can only have one Profile which is the single Specialization. But in the future there is the possibility to add more Profiles to a concept so that's why it's a List. At some point we want to be able to assign multiple Profiles to a concept that link to Properties (


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Fair enough. Thanks a lot.