jArchi script to import Aris XML-based (AML) models

Started by Xavier Mayeur, December 02, 2021, 07:38:20 AM

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Xavier Mayeur


I have a number of Archimate models made with ARIS that I would like to import in Archi. I don't have any ARIS license, to I cannot use ARIS functionality to exchange the models.

1- Does anyone have already made some jArchi script to import an ARIS model ?
2- If not, I am struggling with the javascript methods to import the XML model into some java object that I can parse to create Archi objects. Does someone has some code snippets working with jArchi to parse an XML text?


Phil Beauvoir

Hi, it's unlikely that anyone has done (1) as a I suspect it's not a trivial task. For (2) you'll need some JS library to read the XML into some in-memory model similar to the Java JDOM library. Have you found anything yet?
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For the second point, I would not bother with JavaScript itself, based on what I believe to be available/possible so far (outside the browser or a full-blown nodejs context). I would deal with XML parsing using Java interop in jArchi, with default Java DOM libraries unless it's too annoying:
  • load the default unpleasant Java DOM libraries: Java.type(....)
  • or load a custom Jar bundling more convenient libraries such as JDOM, DOM4J, etc. (URLClassLoader approach)

If you're more comfortable with Python, you could start with a shell process returning JSON in the standard output and capture that via jArchi (Java process to run Python and grab the output). In a second effort, the code could be ported "relatively easily" for someone familiar to the Aris format and Java programming.

Xavier Mayeur

I made some python scripts to parse the Aris AML file and generate an Open File Exchange document.
See on my GIT Repo the 'parseAML.py' script.
Not yet fully documented, nor implementing all functionality, but it is good enough to import an ARIS model into Archimate Tool.

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