Archi - Is there any future plan to support Icons?

Started by BuilderBob, February 04, 2022, 12:53:34 PM

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With companies adopting AWS and Azure I have seen an appetite to use the icons from those platforms in the diagram tools to convey the type of component.

Is there any plan in Archi to support this? It would be nice to be able to build a model and be able to alter the icon of it once it is added to the model.

In the organization where I work diagramming was not standardized ... till recently A decision was made to standardize on a tool and I tried to push Archi as I use it a lot but because the need to have it be cloud based and support AWS Icons, Archi lost out in the review process and Lucid won....and Im not a fan of it at all.

Phil Beauvoir

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No sorry, I was not aware of it. Let me check it out!