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Started by wnad, January 26, 2022, 10:31:59 AM

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is there a method to compare 2 branches ( master and my branch) before merging to see conflicts

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


In case of conflicts, Archi will notify you and let you choose (on a per concept and per view basis) whether to pick your version or the remote one. And of course you can also cancel the operation if you want to manually adjust something before retrying. But if there's no conflicts, the merge will be done automatically.

That's why it make sense to do the merge "offline" (without publishing it) to review the resulting model. Then, if everything is ok you can publish the result, if not you can cancel the merge commit from the Change History.

There's no automated way (in Archi) to simply see the list of all differences between two versions (of the same branch, local and remote, or on different branches). That's because the intended approach is to look at both branches history and see what commits have been done and infer the changes from the commit label. But I agree that this is often not detailed enough. If full detail is needed, then do the merge offline and then inspect the merge commit with a git tool (this will of course expose the changes done at XML level, so not straightforward to read the first time).


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