Can we duplicate a folder?

Started by Xiaoqi, February 23, 2022, 22:33:54 PM

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Hi again,

Within Archi's element / view, if I select one or multiple element / view, it allows to "duplicate" from right-click menu, but I cannot find this "duplicate" applying to folder, no matter a blank folder or a folder with contents.

Some cases, e.g. I'm doing certain element modelling per country, there're quite similar on the folder/sub-folder structure under each country's modelling folder, it would be great if it is able to duplicate from folder level, then I can revise/rename some underlined elements and save lots of time.

Relationship/Property should be tricky thing, then I think it's fully fine to follow the same behavior when we duplicating the element, in which no relationship & property are copied, that is the expected since we need to build new relation to the copied ones.

Without this folder level duplication feature, now I'm having to recreate folder structure one by one, then one country by one country, it's still workable.

Or, maybe jArchi can help on those kind of automation works, checking for now...