Error when add remote model - SSL Problems

Started by Xiaoqi, March 22, 2022, 13:17:06 PM

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One colleague of our team installed Archi and CoArchi recently, when he try to load remote model, it's keeping pop up below error:

There was an error:
[url]: Secure connection to [url] cloud not be established because of SSL problems.

We use Azure DevOps to host our repository, the DevOps permission, personal access token are all OK; he is also ok to load another model repo in same DevOps to local.

Suspect there're some model issue, but would like to hear any hints or opinions on how to troubleshoot.


Phil Beauvoir

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Thanks Phil, good hints. Also we found the colleagues has some wrongly typing in the URL, after correcting that as well, it's fetching remove repo model now.

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