File is not directory or folder.xml not exist

Started by wnad, May 11, 2022, 09:13:12 AM

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we have a big problem with co archi
some users tryes to merge master in their branch and have after the conflicts window the message "File is not directory or folder.xml not exist" and when they try to merge their into master they have the message " cannot commit on repo with state merging"
i try to resolve with different action but the problem persist

apparently no folder has be change ...

if you can help us ..

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Quote from: wnad on May 11, 2022, 09:13:12 AMthey have the message " cannot commit on repo with state merging"

This seems to indicate that they still use an old version of coArchi (<0.6.0). Can you provide more details about the version of Archi and coArchi please ?

This message implies that a git merge operation has been started but was aborted without any cleanup (which coArchi does automatically) for some reasons.

If their work has already been saved on the server, then the easiest way to solve this is to delete the model from the workspace and import it back from the server. Then (with a recent version of coArchi) retry the merge, keep a copy of the conflict screen, and abort the merge. All "deleted by them/mine" conflicts should match folder which have been moved.


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I "resolve" by import another model in the model after having just keep the views of the project and do a delete of unused elements and relations