Specializations and Properties

Started by johmut, April 15, 2022, 09:09:03 AM

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Can a specialization have a specific set of properties, as it can have a specific image?

I am looking to specialize the association and aggregation relationships into "ToOne" and "ToMany" specializations, having ERD cardinality properties 0...1; 1...1; 0...N; 1...N that I can show (or not) on the labels in an information structure viewpoint view.
Drawing an association or aggregation relation and setting the specialization would then also add the cardinality properties for which a value can then be provided, populating the label using a label expression (that could, now that I think of it, also be part of the specialization's 'template' as well as the setting (checkbox) to show the label or not ...

Current options? Any future plans ?


Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


This is indeed part of the roadmap, but with no defined target, so can take some time to be implemented.


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