How to maintain the dropdown list of certain Property?

Started by Xiaoqi, May 19, 2022, 16:58:49 PM

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Tried to search in our forum, don't find direct answer, so post here as a new question.

I'm now using plenty of Properties for elements in the model, as shown in the first picture, it's good to have the list in the Properties Manager. However, I see I can only do the "renaming" of the Property name in the table.

In the real life, time to time I need to add new choices into the certain Property, which will be the choices as DropDown list. My question is, anywhere our tool can allow me to maintain this kind of dropdown list centrally, instead of adding on the ad-hoc mode?

And, furthermore, the maintenance of the dropdown list will also useful for doing the "housekeeping" and correction easily, e.g. in one Property called "Operating System", we intend to have OS, through a period of working, different team members added choice content, hence I see we have "Windows 2019" and "Windows Server 2019" for example, if we can do fix from some "Property Maintenance Screen" that would be really nice.

Or maybe there's already the existing feature that I haven't aware, thanks a lot.

Regards, Xiaoqi

Phil Beauvoir


the properties drop downs (and the Properties Manager) only contain property names and values that are actually in use in that model. So a property name or value is only available if it has been used already. So you may have to do bulk editing with a jArchi script.

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Thanks Phil, understood.

Sure, I'll keep using the way $(selection).prop("name", "value"); to make the bulk change, that works actually.

Have a nice day,