jArchi library with functions to manage relationship layout in views

Started by Xavier Mayeur, May 10, 2022, 15:52:44 PM

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Xavier Mayeur

For whose who are interested, please find attached a library with functions to manage the layout of the relationships in view:

Link: Gist 'relLib.ajs'


load(__DIR__+'relLib.aj')  // load relLib library

// create L-shaped visual relationships connected to the selected objects(views, elements, relationships)
       doEachRel(lRel)(selection, 0) // start horizontal and create a L-Shape relationship

// create S-shape visual relationships
        doEachRel(sRel)(selection, 1) // start vertically and create a S-shape relationship

// arrange and spread equally multiple visual relationships along the edges of an element

// make all existing visual relationships orthogonal (especially after moving an object in a view)



Phil Beauvoir

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