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Started by Joel01, June 02, 2022, 16:13:13 PM

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Hi, I would like to share the subsequent jasper report template. It includes:
   -  a table of content, titles styling, specific Key word for properties printing, folders documentation printing
   - PPT landscape génération
   - New parameters to show some layers's elements documentation of views

Below, the details :
- Printing properties of the model (expecting those begining with "Report:") in the first page in a table (for exemple, Description, author, contributors, version, date...)
- Table of content management :
   - 0 to 99 digit support, ".", "-","_" and " " as separators supported
   - Add a space between numbering and view's name
   - Title 1 to 4 level style adaptable, next level with same style
   - limit of 4 level of folders without any view (otherwise top parent folders will not be printed)
- View's properties printing management : each properties  of the view are printed in a 2 colonnes table (expecting those begining with "Report:")
   - Key word "title" for the property name print a name for this table
   - Key word "blank" for the property name add a line break
- Folder's documentation printing management

- Page header & footer customisable with parameters of the file (parameters report.top_left_logo, report.cover_page_logo, report.top_right_logo,  text.top_left_text, text.footer_privacy_text) (may not be the best location for images path ...) - Parameter's Model Report:Model:Cover:Background & Report:Model:Header:Background not included in this package (sorry about that)

- Added file for french translation

- Specific report template for PPT generation  : lanscape format & contains  view's titles and diagrams only and table of content

- Default values of following set to true :
   - Report:Model:Hide:Strategy            defaut value: true   
   - Report:Model:Hide:Business            defaut value: true                  
   - Report:Model:Hide:Application            defaut value: true
   - Report:Model:Hide:Technology&Physical      defaut value: true
   - Report:Model:Hide:Implementation&Migration                 defaut value: true
   - Report:Model:Hide:Motivation            defaut value: true
   - Report:Model:Hide:Other            defaut value: true
   - Report:Model:Hide:Relations            defaut value: true

- Evolution of parameter Report:View:Detailled
   - set to true: Print documentation & properties of the view and documentation & properties of each element in the view with documentation
   - set to false : Print only diagram, title, documentation and properties of the view
   - not set : Print documentation & properties of the view and documentation of each element in the view with documentation

- Following view's parameters has been added (default values "false") :
   - Report:View:Show:Business:       Set to "true" to show only the archimates business elements of the view
   - Report:View:Show:Application:    Set to "true" to show only the archimates application elements of the view
   - Report:View:Show:Technology:    Set to "true" to show only the archimates technology elements of the view
   - Report:View:Show:Flow-Relation:    Set to "true" to show only the archimates flow relations of the view
- Following folder's parameters has been added  (default values "false") :
           - Report:Folder:Hide set to true to hide view's of the folder

Known troobleshootings:
   - Table of content not printed entirely when exceeding one page height
   - folder documentation may be printed several times when used with  Report:View:Tag parameter and numbering

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Joel, thanks for sharing this!


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