Problem with export models in Persian language (Complex scripts) into CSV files

Started by hadikh, June 17, 2015, 07:18:12 AM

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I've faced with a problem with export models in Persian language. typing in Persian is fine, but when i exported the model into CVS files using utf-8, the elements' name in Persian converted to nonsense characters. while ANSI is selected these replaced with "?". to be clear I've attached the screen shots. Any suggestion would be a great help.

Phil Beauvoir

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 Dear Phil
Thank you for quick reply
In fact I,ve problem with export not import. Let me tell you the scenario:
1- I created a model in Persian
2- exported it into a csv file using utf-8 format.
3- open it with excel but the character is unreadable. (fig 2)
4- I imported it into another excel files using procedure in the links you kindly suggest and words getting readable
5- then I saved it as into another csv format to import into another model and again the wordes getting unreadable.
Let me know is further information is required.

Phil Beauvoir


I think this is something that you will have to research for a solution by searching on Google. Let us know if you find an answer.


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