Open Exchange Import issues

Started by objective1, September 15, 2022, 11:54:44 AM

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sorry in advance if this is stupid user error

i am not able to import an open exchange file i've created via export from BizzDesign enterprise studio.

when i do the import in Archi, nothing happens nor is there an error screen thrown (as it does when attempting to import an open exchange export from Abacus).  and no new models show up in my left nav  (as you mentioned in

I've done this before over the years, and even done it a year or so ago from bizzdesign.  so this isn't my first time using the feature.   feeling kinda stupid... 

Phil Beauvoir

Are you sure you're using "File -> Import -> Model from Open Exchange File..." from the menu? Are you sure you have the Models Tree open to show the imported model?
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In response to your question   yes i'm sure...


I updated to the most recent version,  and it works as expected.   so  old version. 

 thanx for your response, and sorry to waste your time...