Hide/show objects on view (base on properties)

Started by lmachnik, September 14, 2022, 09:49:37 AM

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Is any possibility in Archi to filter views base on properties? What I want to achive is for instance to have prod and dev components on one view and have posdibility to show only prod. Any ideas?

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, no it's not possible to filter Views based on Properties. There is a filter applied when a Viewpoint is changed, but that's no good for your use case. Perhaps other users can advise on workarounds.
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Not hiding/showing, but a script to colorize elements based on a property value.


Thx! It was one of my ideas - will check and let You know.

I know that it is sth simple but maybe Do You have sample script?




I recommend the excellent jarchi script from Steven Mileham:

Based on his idea, I'm writing an extended version, but it's not ready yet (little time to do it)