Snippet: Bulk property editor

Started by Thomas Rohde, October 30, 2022, 13:25:37 PM

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Thomas Rohde

This is a simple bulk editor for Archi using a JS spreadsheet component.

Select a range of elements, e.g., in the model browser, and run the script. A window with a spreadsheet of all selected elements and the combined set of properties discovered for the selected elements is displayed. You can easily copy/paste (also to-from Excel), delete properties, insert columns (new properties) etc. And also save the sheet to Excel via an right-click option.

Download the script from this gist. Also, download the JSpreadsheet components from (use the CDN variants). Rename the 'index.min.js' and 'jsuites.min.js' files to 'jexcel.js' and 'jsuites.js' respectively, and place the files in __DIR__/lib.