Ecmascript module support in jArchi ?

Started by rchevallier, November 04, 2022, 12:43:30 PM

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Hi Phil, JB

according to the GraalVM documentation (22.3 for jArchi 1.3)
it supports ECMA script modules. Clauses

However it doesn't seem to work in jArchi:

org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: SyntaxError: test3.ajs:2:0 Expected an operand but found import
import {elem} from 'test4.js';
test3.ajs:2:20 Expected ; but found test4.js
import {elem} from 'test4.js';

Any reason why it shoudln't work? Using standard instead of specific "load(...)" shall be useful for library compatibility.

Phil Beauvoir

I got it to work by ensuring that both files (the file with export statements and the one with the import statement) have the file extension ".mjs". For testing I also had to change jArchi to support running ".mjs" files.

So it's possible but having to have the file extension ".mjs" on the runnable file is not nice.

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Hi Phil,
Sorry, I'm not clear with your answers

  • a script file with extension .mjs cannot be run in Archi, and in a .ajs the import statement is not recognized.
    Is it for a future release?
  • according to the GraalVM documentation, the extension .mjs is not required for the import (in
    QuoteWhen loading modules via a polyglot Source, you can use the inofficial application/javascript+module mime type to specify you are loading a module. When loading with JavaScript code from a file, make sure the module is loaded from a file with the .mjs extension. Loading with the import keyword is not limited by that, and can import from a file of any extension.
    A bug in the documentation ? (Although renaming an imported module file wih a .mjs extension instead of .js is not a real issue)

Phil Beauvoir

That's the way it is with jArchi's implementation of GraalVM. Both files have to have the .mjs extension. I tried all other combinations. We are not using a "poylglot Source" object. I made a test build of jArchi so that .mjs can be run.

Edit: actually the file with the export can have either extension .js or .mjs. However, the file being run, with the import statements, has to have the extension .mjs.
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