Snippet: Attaching labels to view elements

Started by Thomas Rohde, November 16, 2022, 06:13:12 AM

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Thomas Rohde

This gist attaches a label (a "note") to the lower left, in red text, of all elements in a selected view, or all elements of the same type as a selected element.

You are presented with a selection list of all possible properties. Pick one to use as a label. If you cancel the dialog box, then all currently attached labels will be deleted.

The gist depends on this library to calculate the width of the notes based on the string length of the label (property).


Link to gist.

Phil Beauvoir

Thanks for sharing these gists, Thomas!


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Also another simple way to add extra info to a visual object without a jArchi script

Using a note with label formula as $parent{property:timeframe} to retrieve property info from the visual object. Usually created by copy and paste, quick and efficient.

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