Grouping Figure vs Group Appearance

Started by Alberto, December 14, 2022, 22:11:40 PM

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So I have a pet peeve... something I find a bit annoying and sometimes irritating.  Most Archimate elements has two figures, for example the element Grouping has a tabbed figure and a rectangle figure, both under the tab "figure".  The visual elements on the other hand, have a single figure, but the figure's appearance can be changed under the tab "appearance", such is the case of the Group can be changed from... a tabbed figure, to a rectangle figure.

That's it, that's my pet peeve. Is not a big deal, but sometimes when I'm doing both visual and element groups I do find it mildly infuriating UX issue.

Phil Beauvoir

ArchiMate figures have a different UI to support two figures. The Group and Note figures (non-ArchiMate) have their own UI and code because in future they might support more than 2 types - tabbed, dog-ear, dashed, etc... In fact, Note supports three.
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