changing visual-object box lineColour and width via script ?

Started by Alexis_H, December 11, 2023, 11:16:52 AM

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I'd like to change the way I generate some 'heatmap' views, and use the border of boxes/visual-object rather than the background color : red/green boxes are looking kind ugly, a 'heavy' borderColor looks nicer ;)

I can change the lineColor attribute of a VO via script, but I don't know see how to change the 'Derive from fill colour' preference ..wich override the lineColor attribute.

Is their a JS property to change this preference ?
And btw, is the .lineWidth attribute available on VO or only for Relations ?


Phil Beauvoir


line width for objects and the derive from fill color haven't yet been implemented in jArchi. I'll put them on the "to do" list.

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ok, many thanks

in the mean time I can manualy select all the visual objects and change their 'derive from fill Collour' with one click (=> that's a great feature from 5.2 update !) and then the fillColor setted per script shows up .. nice.