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Started by dave_gordon, February 19, 2023, 09:03:18 AM

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Hi there
Could anyone advise if something similar is achievable in Archi like this

Phil Beauvoir

Hi Dave, rather than give Sparx another YT view could you describe in words what you mean and why you would want such a feature? Perhaps it could be achieved in some other way.

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Hi Phil,
Thanks for the prompt reply.

I am using the tool to visualise a specific function involving various Capabilities, Processes, Applications, Data Objects and Artifacts. 

On the left-hand side, I would like a list of the Application included and be able to highlight the associated Capabilities, Process Data Objects and Artifacts (that have the same "Application Outage" name added in the properties) that would be impacted in the event of an Application Outage.

Example. If five applications we involved in delivering the function, and you highlighted "Application A", it would show any Capabilities, Process Data Objects and Artifacts that have an "Application Outage" property of "Application A".  All other boxes on the view would be greyed.

Fundamentally this will visualise all elements that will be impacted by specific application outage.