ACLI no longer working with Scheduled Tasks?

Started by Alberto, March 30, 2023, 15:14:29 PM

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EDIT: As soon as I posted, I noticed my mistake.  The task didn't have access to the ID file.   I'm all set.

Hi folks,
I might have changed something on my Windows 2016 server web server, but executing Archi ACLI to create HTML report via Scheduled Tasks is no longer working. I have this bat file and it works fine when I execute it manually, but it doesn't when executed via Scheduled Tasks, it simple won't call Archi, but it completes without errors so I have no logs as to why is not running. Thoughts?

The bat file:
Echo Call Archi CLI, clone Model from GIT, run Highlight script, create HTML report.
"E:\Archi\archi.exe" -application -consoleLog -nosplash --modelrepository.cloneModel "ssh://git@git:7999/archimate.git" --modelrepository.loadModel "E:\Archi\model-repository\ds-1" --modelrepository.identityFile "C:\Users\ME\.ssh\id_rsa"  --modelrepository.passFile "C:\Users\ME\.ssh\" --script.runScript "E:\Archi\scripts\Highlight.ajs" --html.createReport "E:\WAMP\www\diagrams\archimate"