Using ChatGPT to bootstrap developing Eclipse SWT scripts

Started by Thomas Rohde, March 18, 2023, 13:58:51 PM

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Thomas Rohde

If you are like me and only occasionally program Eclipse UIs, in JArchi and in general, then using ChatGPT is a real productivity boost.

ChatGPT doesn't know much about Archi and JArchi, so I primed ChatGPT using these snippets (excerpts from the conversation).

> I am developing a Java Eclipse application that uses GraalVM to enable JavaScript extensibility to the Java application

> I have an Eclipse Table widget, with two columns. The first column, Property, shows the name of a property. The second column, Value, shows the value of the property. Please write a short snippet for extending the widget with with a right-click menu that shows when the user right-clicks in a value cell.

> Convert this to GraalVM JavaScript

This was also helpful:

> Use the Java.type() function to use the Eclipse Java classes

Phil Beauvoir

Interesting. I haven't tried ChatGPT yet. Can it code Archi 6 for me?  ;D
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