how to reference content of extended / user properties

Started by Hans.Downe, March 13, 2023, 15:21:13 PM

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Hi I am an Archi Patreon subscriber, and have used jArchi a lot in the past.  But am no JavaScript person.  Have not used in a few months.
Two simple needs:
(1) what is the best source of documentation on the scripting language, espectially object model.
(2) in the attached screenshot, what would be the code for seeing the property LOC_TYPE which may be blank.

Help is appreciated.
akscript to include ext. properties.png

Phil Beauvoir

Hi, the jArchi documentation is here:

Also, there's a lot of tips and useful snippets in this forum.

To get a property use one of the "prop()" methods -

To find a property value for the key "LOC_TYPE" you would use e.prop("LOC_TYPE").

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