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Started by mdungen, July 30, 2015, 19:36:46 PM

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Dear Archies,

Is there a (relative easy) way to create or change properties in a selection of elements in my model?

Thanks for the tips and tricks,


Phil Beauvoir

Hi Michael,

the only thing that's supported is if each element shares the same property key - you can change that for all instances. But not for mass creation or setting values. Sorry.

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the reply. I've seen several posts talking about XML information on de models. might there be a way by editing this XML information to achieve a "mass update"?

Perhaps it is an idea for a feature in a new release?




Hi Michael,

I have tried editing the XML file directly but after "breaking" the model a couple of times I decided it was too risky. What has worked for us in many cases was to export the model to CSV, use Excel to create/update the rows in the xx-properties.csv file, and then re-import to the Archi model. The import/export to CSV runs pretty fast even for large models and you can delete any rows you don't want to touch to minimize the risk of unintended updates. Just make sure that the ID's in xx-properties.csv match the ID's in xx-elements.csv that you are working with.

This requires a bit of skill with your spreadsheet tool but can be done quickly and safely.