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Started by dave_gordon, March 20, 2023, 19:07:27 PM

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Hi there,
I am using Archi to log the elements connected by relationships linked to an Application Component, which are nested three levels above (Grouped Object [top level], Value Stream & Capability) and three levels below (Application Function, Data Object & Artifact [bottom level])

The visualiser shows the above perfectly (Depth Level 3), but given the sheer volume of data, I need a way to export just the linked data to a CSV file.

I'm not a developer and have searched tirelessly but cannot find what to me seems to be an obvious need. 

I can export two linked relationships but what I need are all six as described above.  I did find an article that describes exporting to MySQL and running a query but this seems a rather long-winded approach - see https://gevaertw.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/querying-the-archi-db-to-get-relations/

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.



Phil Beauvoir


What you're trying to do is not necessarily tied to the Visualiser. The Visualiser is only displaying a concept and its relations and connected concepts recursively.

In jArchi, this translates to starting from a concept, getting its incoming and outgoing relations and recursing on the endpoints. Once you have these then you can export to CSV or any other data format. That's the theory...

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Hi Phil,
Many thanks for the prompt reply.

I can relay exactly what the relations are between the incoming and outgoing elements but I need the (presumably repeatable) code that I can translate this into that will list and export.   I hope this makes sense.