Proof of concept - find elements in tree

Started by Thomas Rohde, March 30, 2023, 06:08:25 AM

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Thomas Rohde

In various situations, I found the need to select specific elements in the model browser. This snippet demonstrates a proof of concept of this functionality. The gist prompts the user for a search term, and the script heuristically locates the model browser, and finds any element that matches (case-insensitive sub-string) the search term. Matches will be selected in the model browser.


Thanks but what is the difference with the native filter in the model browser ?

Phil Beauvoir

Thanks, Thomas. I added a comment at the gist that simplifies finding the Models Tree.
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Thomas Rohde

Thanks! That made it a lot easier. I knew there was a simpler way ... maybe I should spend some time learning the Archi source code  ;)