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Started by kkosienski, November 17, 2021, 14:58:25 PM

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Do you have an option for an enterprise Patreon membership which would allow all users access to plugins like Jscript, Lightbox, and Excel Download? If so, what is the cost of membership?

Phil Beauvoir


there's no Enterprise Patreon option per se, but some folks donate enough to effectively cover a team. I think it's a case of deciding a fair value that you think is reasonable.


If you value and use Archi please consider making a donation. :-)

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


QuoteI think it's a case of deciding a fair value that you think is reasonable.

That's a good question and maybe other people on the forum could help us set some guidelines.

On my side, I remember some old discussions which led to this:

For companies relying on Archi for their day to day architecture work, one would suggest the following fair amounts of donation:
  • 600€ per year for teams up to 10 people
  • 1500€ per year for teams up to 30 people
  • 2000€ per year for teams up to 50 people
  • 3000€ per year for teams up to 100 people

What do other think?


If you value and use Archi, please consider making a donation!
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I feel what has been suggested for Patreon contributions is fair. I think that when determining number of users to base a contribution on, companies should base that on active users contributing content to a model repository. If the models content is being published as HTML and being consumed in a read only manner then those usages should not count towards the number of users.  I was able to secure funding this year for making a Patreon contribution, for enterprise use. I will be looking to complete that transaction on Patreon within the next several weeks.