Property Colormap (or Heatmap) Wizard

Started by rchevallier, March 20, 2023, 20:32:35 PM

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Hello all,

I've put on my Github the Colormap.ajs script, which is a Wizard in SWT to create a Colormap for a property.
Custom homegrown development without any ChatGpt inside ;D

Hope it will be useful for some of you

You can find the documentation here
and the files in the github jarchi-lib project

The Wizard collect properties and their used values and allow interactive color definition, either for category or for numeric values

Phil Beauvoir

I love it when people share clever jArchi stuff. Thanks for this!

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Thanks for your preceding work which was great inspiration for this script


Amazing. I'm particularly interested in the use of "typings/globals.d.ts" code completion in VSCode. How do you set that up?


Have simply a jsconfig.json with the proper content setup in your project (just the files you are working with, to avoid error message in case of variables or functions homonyms from different script)

See jsconfig.json in /scripts

*NB*: it's not perfect so if anyone has idea to improve it, thanks in advance


I understand the idea of it, but still don't know the 'how to do it'. Where do I add that .json file in VSCode?



Just to let know, I've released an update to the scripts with new features (v1.1.0-beta):

Breaking changes:
  • Codebase significant refactoring
  • color scheme json format updated

New features
  • Colormap reapply.ajs functionality added
  • Legend position kept when replacing
  • Unknown color per default instead of a specific color
  • double click added when possible for switching to next page in Wizard
  • Documentation update

Bug fixes
  • Save Color Scheme possible only if color scheme is valid
  • Minor bug fixes

cf Github

Phil Beauvoir

If you value and use Archi please consider making a donation. :-)