"Properties" tab don't show Authentication field when in the same layout

Started by StéphaneMenozzi, August 08, 2023, 14:42:11 PM

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Hello there,

I think this new thread more like a helping one for other users, rather than a problem thread.
I had problem when changing my "company's in-house" github password, because I simply couldn't find the "Authentication" field.
I've found that when "Collaboration Workspace" and "Properties" tabs are in the same "space" of the layout, you cannot access to your model Properties. You just have to set them in different spaces and it works.
You'll find a quick video "screen copy" to illustrate the trick ;).

I've just downloaded Archi 5.1 and coArchi 0.8.8, but the trick was already there in previous versions (I started with Archi 4.9.


Phil Beauvoir

Yes, it's because of the way the Eclipse framework works. The Properties tab can only display information for an object that has the focus. If the Properties tab is selected in the same stack then the Properties tab gains the focus.
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Ok thanks for the explaination.
At least, the post would be useful for other users :-)