Colormap .ajs script(s) - new release

Started by rchevallier, June 26, 2023, 14:07:46 PM

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Hello all,

Following previous release, I've put an updated version of the Colormap .ajs scripts, which can be found on github jarchi-lib project.

Documentation available in project

What's new?
  • scripts moved under the __SCRIPTS_DIR__/Colormap directories
  • New script: Reapply on model to recalculate and reapply all colors based on properties values for all concerned views in the model
  • Possibility to define a middle color for the gradient in a numeric/continuous color scale

Simple categorical color:
Category scheme colors.png

Continuous 2 colors gradient:
Continuous scheme colors.png

Continuous 3 colors gradient:
Continuous scheme colors middle color.png

Any feedback appreciated :)

Phil Beauvoir

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