Disabling specific elements in Archi (metamodel)

Started by mischka, June 30, 2023, 12:55:36 PM

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In order to simplify modelling and allow for involvement of users that are not specifically skilled in Archimate, I would like to restrict the set of elements in Archi to a number of elements that can be handled by most persons.
Also, interoperability with commercial tools that don't rely on Archimate becomes only possible if specific elements such as  "ApplicationCollaboration" are not used.
Is there a simple way to turn off the possiblity to create specific elements, something like
archimate.genmodel <genClasses enabled="false" ecoreClass="archimate.ecore#//ApplicationCollaboration"/>?

Phil Beauvoir


As an end user of Archi you can limit a View to concepts in a Viewpoint.

The archimate.genmodel file you refer to is not used at runtime and so all ArchiMate concepts are available in the runtime product.
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An additional step is to run some checks after the fact, to highlight elements/relationship that have not been following a simplified meta-model (which you share up front to show them what you're expecting). Even trained experts get it 'wrong'. :o

There are a couple of jArchi gists on this. Take your pick: