Suggestions for new example models to ship with Archi 3

Started by Phil Beauvoir, August 30, 2014, 18:54:50 PM

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Phil Beauvoir

It would be nice to ship some example models with Archi 3.0.

Archi 2.7 ships with the "Archisurance" example. and an "Open Day" example (which I want to remove as I question its validity). It would be great to ship 5 or 6 models that would help people get started with Archi and ArchiMate.

Do Archi users have any suggestions?
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How about the Archimetal Case Study?


The architecture surrounding Archi: what processes does it take to build it, what processes does it support, what tools are involved, what processes/tools/formats does Archi interact with?

Examples of personal architecture: what do I do in work&life, what do I use, what/who do I interact with, roles, tools, business objects...

Best regards
Arne D H

Phil Beauvoir

Good suggestion, Arne, and I'm looking at ArchiMetal.

When I ask for "suggestions", it would be great if people have some actual models.  8)

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Another suggestion: The TOGAF ADM model.

It exists as a kind of model on:

I once ported some of the content into an archimate file, but I can't promise that I do much additional work on it...

Best regards,
Arne D H


I suppose an English language version is easier to work with for most people...

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


There are 2 options I know but are not useable today:

  • Use Marco Vicente's work on ITIL. This needs some work to convert from Visio (I have the source) to Archi.
  • Create from scratch some examples arround Archi use and a (not so) fictive Archi Corp. I'd like to do it as per a blog post serie but desesperatly need time.

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