Link processes to documentation (which change every 2 weeks)

Started by Aram, September 11, 2023, 12:14:29 PM

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I just started to visualize some of the processes that my company supports by their software. I'm really enthousiastic about Archi, but I do have some questions. I tried to search the forum, but could not find an answer to my questions, hopefully somebody can help me out.

When I have a set of processes in Archi, I would like to link/show different documents to (parts of) these processes. For instance some more static documents: (technical) manuals or testscripts.

But I would also like to link the processes to some more dynamic information, such as: software changes (with their releasenote).

I could put the static information in the views, they won't change that much. But maybe there's a better way that some of you know, of how I can link the processes to these documents.

But I would also like to link the processes to some more dynamic information. I'm thinking of software changes and their releasenotes or workpackages. It would cost too much time to change the views by hand and add the more dynamic information. Is there a solution for this in Archi? Or perhaps I need some extra software for this? Does somebody has an idea how to do this? In my head I have everyhing all together, but it's difficult to get it 'on paper'. Maybe Archimate is too much high level for what I want?
Or do I need to work in BPMN as well and link this to Archimate?

Anwyay, I hope some of you can help me out.

Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie


Not sur to fully understand your need, but here are some remarks:
- If your other documentations are hosted on some intranet, then you can add their URL to the documentation field or properties attached to ArchiMate elements and views. You can then easily "launch" these URL from within Archi (CTRL+ click on the links) or the generated HTML export (they appear as normal web links).
- If you want to automatically update a view (moving, adding, removing some elements), then this is another story and this requires advance scripting (using jArchi).
- If I get you right, the issue IMHO is not ArchiMate, because with BPMN you would also have to manually update diagrams or link to external resources.


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Hi Jean-Baptiste,

Thanks for your quick reply. I didn't know yet about the document-property. I will use it for the static information.

For my needs with the more dynamic information, I will try to look into jArchi with some developers of my organization.